Support for Our Teenage Patients

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Adolescence is a particularly challenging time for transplant recipients. In the whirlwind of newfound freedoms and responsibilities, sometimes the timeliness of medications, prescription refills and doctors’ appointments fall by the wayside. With some adolescents considering moving out on their own, starting a job or going away to school, there’s little time to think about transitioning from a children’s medical team to one for adults. All these factors can lead to adverse outcomes for patients with transplanted kidneys.

At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, we feel it is important to begin the transfer of responsibility from parent to child before it’s time to transition to adult care. We believe that this transition is a process as opposed to a single event, and we are here to help you navigate.

CHOP’s Division of Nephrology/Transplant offers a multidisciplinary clinic specifically for adolescents and young adults. Patients 14 and older who have received a kidney transplant at CHOP more than three months prior should attend the Teen Clinic every six months.


Have questions about the Teen Clinic and the transition to adult care? Contact Jon Savant, MHS, PA-C, physician assistant with the Division of Nephrology, at 267-449-6861 or

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