Ferriprox For Transfusional Iron Overload in Sickle Cell, Other Anemias

Study title

The efficacy and safety of Ferriprox for the treatment of transfusional iron overload in patients with sickle cell disease or other anemias

Study objectives

  • Determine the efficacy of deferiprone versus the standard chelator, deferoxamine, for the treatment of iron overload in individuals with sickle cell disease and other anemias.
  • Evaluate the effect of deferiprone vs deferoxamine on patients' quality of life.
  • Evaluate the safety and tolerability of deferiprone vs deferoxamine.


Patients age 2 and older with sickle cell disease or other condition with iron overload from repeated blood transfusions (excluding thalassemia and bone marrow failure syndromes) with baseline liver iron >7 mg/g dw, <30 mg/g dw

PI: Dr. Janet Kwiatkowski

SC: Helen Stanley, Jolene Kokroko

Sponsor: ApoPharma Pharmaceuticals