Pediatric Comprehensive Bone Marrow Failure Center Psychosocial Services

At the Pediatric Comprehensive Bone Marrow Failure Center (CBMFC) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), we recognize that a serious illness can be very challenging for patients and their families. Our multidisciplinary psychosocial team is here to offer guidance and support.

Who we are

Pediatric psychologist

Our licensed pediatric psychologist, Jennifer Leigh Brereton, PsyD, works with the CBMFC team to help patients and families understand and cope with diagnoses and treatment. If you or your child could benefit from additional support, Dr. Brereton is available for in- or outpatient counseling and to assist with individual referrals for other family members as needed.

Social worker

Our dedicated social workers help patients and families cope with the practical challenges of chronic illness. The social worker’s role is to support your family’s needs by helping to connect you with available resources within the hospital, school and community. For school accommodations, such as a 504 or IEP, the social worker can also serve as a point of contact between the hospital and the school. 

What we do

Our psychosocial team works with CBMFC providers to:

  • Help children better understand and adjust to their illness
  • Provide support during the treatment process
  • Offer individual and family therapies to help patients and families cope with and manage stressors related to chronic illness
  • Support patients in adhering to medical treatment plans
  • Address mood and/or behavior challenges, as well as school or peer-related issues
  • Connect patients and families to community resources to assist with logistics, such as transportation or school accommodations

Contact us

If your child or family would benefit from the support of our psychosocial team, reach out to any CBMFC team member, contact our nurse coordinator or call our office lines directly.

Telehealth services are available for both local and non-local families.