Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic

  • Do you think you spend too much time at the hospital for your follow-up care?
  • Does it seem like all of the doctors involved in your survivorship care see patients on different days of the week?
  • Is it hard for you to miss time from work or school for multiple medical visits with different doctors?

The Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic is designed to reduce the amount of time needed for follow-up visits by providing same-day, same-clinic access to physicians and nurse practitioners from Oncology and other Hospital departments.

All of the providers in the Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic are experts in the late effects of childhood cancer. The clinic brings together the physicians that help monitor your unique health issues, all in a one-day visit.

In addition to a visit with one of the oncologists or nurse practitioners who specialize in cancer survivorship, you may also see physicians and nurses from one or more of the following specialties:

If you currently see one or more of these specialists, you will likely benefit from this clinic. The clinic is also useful for survivors who are at high risk for certain late effects because of the therapy they received.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic is held one Wednesday a month (dates will vary). All physician visits are held centrally in the Oncology Clinic in the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care on our Main Campus.

After a visit in our clinic, we will send a letter to your primary care physician, summarizing your history and providing guidance for follow-up care.

To make an appointment with the Cancer Survivorship Program, call 267-426-0762. To learn more about our Multidisciplinary Clinic, call Claire Carlson at 215-590-0432.

Will insurance cover my clinic visit?

A visit to our clinic is a medical visit and is often covered, just as a visit to an oncologist or primary care physician would be. However, coverage varies depending on the insurance company. Be sure to check with the insurance company before making an appointment. You can also direct your questions about insurance coverage and visit referrals to the Cancer Center's insurance specialist, Brittany Williams, at 215-590-4182.