Emergency Department Clinical Pathway for the Evaluation and Care of the Afghan Refugee

  • Useful Resources
    • Family and Visitor Services
    • Language Services
    • Social Work
    • Caring for Afghan Patient and Families
  • Important Contacts
    • CDC
    • IP&C
    • Fort Dix/McGuire AFB
    • Airport
    • Holt
    • Quarantine Hotel
  • Registration
    • Confirm correct order of birth - day, month, years
    • Document parent/guardian cell phone numbers
    • Document preferred language(s)
    • Confirm pediatrician name, address listed in EPIC
    • Patient from Fort Dix/McGuire
      • Document village number family
  • Disposition
    • Admission and Discharge Considerations
    • Discharge Guidance for ED and Inpatients
    • Discharge Instructions and Transportation
Posted: October 2021
Revised: November 2021
Authors: A. Vinograd, MD; MSHP, DTM&H; R. Martin-Blais, MD, DTM&H; K. Yun, MD; S. Myers, MD; K. Cohn, MD, MPH, DTM&H; J. Lavelle, MD; M. Fabio, MD; G. Jenicek