Clinical Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of the Neonate/Infant with Micrognathia/Retrognathia and Concern for Airway Obstruction

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  • Neonate/Infant with Micrognathia or Retrognathia Admission
  • Neonate/Infant with Micrognathia or Retrognathia Post Op
N/IICU Admission
No airway Support
Non-invasive Airway Support
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Moderate or Severe
Review with Plastic Surgery & Pulmonary
Continued assessment
Sleep study as clinically indicated
Intubated Airway
  • Mild/moderate micrognathia
  • No severe genetic syndromes
  • Anatomy based on exam, X-ray
  • Discuss continued respiratory support with Pulmonology
  • Discuss titration PSG with Pulmonology if on CPAP

Pre/Post-operative Care

Airway Considerations

(X-ray, distractor site care, skin care, antibiotics, repeat PSG)
Posted: February 2017
Revised: June 2021
Authors: J. Lioy, MD; M. Padula, MD; L. Heimall, MSN; C. Cielo, MD;  J. Taylor, MD; S. Bartlett, MD; J. M. Carroll, MSN; J. Swanson, MD