Clinical Pathway for Management of Suspected Measles Exposure

Epic Travel Exposure Screen
Measles Tier 0
Location of Tier 0 Risk Assessment
PPE: N95, Patient Masking/Tenting
  • PHL Campus
    • Open ED Room (AIIR if available, other ED room if not available)
    • Use T7 Room if no ED Rooms available
  • KOPH Campus
    • ED Room 26, ED Rooms 1-6 for overflow or Triage Room C if no open ED Rooms
Immunized ≥ 1 MMR
Documented or parent report
  • Age < 6 mos
  • Unimmunized
  • Unknown immunization
  • Immunocompromised
  • No isolation required
  • Symptom-based precautions
  • Can return to waiting room
Expedite to Room
  • AIIR as available or regular room w/door closed
  • Airborne precautions
    • N95 or PAPR + Eye Protection
AIIR Rooms
  • PHL ED: 14, 15, 27, 28, 45, 46, 47
  • KOPH ED: 26
  • Document and place door sign for
    Airborne + Respirator Precautions
  • Room cleaning
  • AIIR Room to stay closed for 20 min w/door closed before cleaning
  • In not AIIR, rooms closes for 2 hrs before cleaning
  • Room Closure Requirements
Measles testing
not required
  • Measles Testing
    • NP for Measles PCR
    • Serum Measles IgM, IgG
    • Urine Measles PCR
  • Call 5-SAFE before
    ordering studies
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, Not Pregnant or Immunocompromised, Quarantine Recommendations
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, Pregnant or Immunocompromised Quarantine Recommendations
Consult with Medical Home, ID for Immunocompromised Children
HCG required before MMR: Menarche and/or age > 12 yrs
  • As clinically indicated
  • AIIR or single room w/door closed
  • Airborne precautions
Posted: August 2023
Editors: Clinical Pathways Team