Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic

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Chronic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure which requires treatment with dialysis, and a kidney transplant. As a child with this condition and their family advance through these stages, they need a coordinated, team approach to care from specialists who can support them through this difficult journey.

Our Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach that allows patients and families to meet with their nephrologist, as well as other team members, in one visit. The clinic is designed to meet all of the clinical, social, and emotional needs of the patient and the family. It also alleviates the burden on families who need to schedule multiple visits across specialties for their care.

During clinic, patients meet with the following team members:

  • Nephrologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Social worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist
  • Nurse coordinator

This integrated approach allows us to address questions around overall treatment including medications, adherence, and nutrition. It also allows us to provide necessary vaccinations and guide families regarding insurance and school accommodations for chronic disease. Families can also meet with our dialysis and transplant team members.

After clinic, our team meets to discuss each case and works together to come up with a care plan. Care often involves medication, bloodwork and follow-up visits at the clinic every few months. As the child’s kidney failure progresses, our team coordinates their transition to dialysis and kidney transplant.

By Madhura Pradhan, MD

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