Why Choose CHOP's Virology Laboratory

The Clinical Virology Laboratory at CHOP features a full range of the most technologically advanced equipment and a Biosafety Level 3 facility for working with viruses requiring special containment.

This has allowed our group to translate research into practice, transfer innovative technology from bench to bedside, adopt new methods based on novel discoveries, and make needed changes in testing to efficiently and effectively diagnose viral diseases.

Our continued development of molecular amplification procedures has led to a dramatic increase in the number of molecular tests available for viral diagnosis.

Nucleic acid amplification assays are now an integral and necessary part of the Virology Laboratory and continuous improvement, automation and simplification of the technology have made these tests easier to use and more accessible.

Molecular technology has greatly increased our ability to accurately detect and monitor viral infections and has had a significant impact on the care and management of ill patients.

As new tests are developed, diagnostic and treatment decisions become increasingly complex. The senior personnel in the Virology Laboratory—all with advanced medical and scientific training—work closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to determine which tests are most desirable and which are unwarranted.

This collaborative approach is designed to assist caregivers in selecting the most efficacious, cost-effective course of action for their patients.