Child Life Services Patient Stories

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Sofia-Rose’s Spina Bifida Fetal Surgery Story


When Alicia and Matthew learned their unborn baby had spina bifida, the prognosis was grim. But the team at CHOP offered them hope through fetal surgery. See how she's doing 3 years later.

Motility Disorder: Arianna’s Story

Arianna sitting at CHOP

Arianna, 21, has been treated her entire life for Down syndrome (trisomy 21), autism and motility disorders. Her medical team at CHOP has worked closely with her family to effectively treat her motility disorder to bring her comfort.

Donor Story: John DeMaio, MD

As a resident physician at CHOP, Dr. John DeMaio spent the quiet periods at night playing with children who couldn't sleep. Now, years later, his estate planning will help the Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy Department continue to help children play, cope and heal.