Division of Orthopaedics Research

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Hereditary Multiple Exostoses Research

Researchers have created experimental models of hereditary multiple exostoses to study how exostoses form and grow, and are devising drug- and gene-based therapies to prevent exostosis formation. 

Orthopaedic Clinical Research

Our orthopaedic clinical research evaluates treatments including spine deformities, bone tumors, trauma, sports medicine and a full range of orthopaedic abnormalities.

Orthopaedic Research

Our orthopaedic researchers combine laboratory and clinical research to create novel therapies that combine surgical and biologic tools.

Research: Tendon/Ligament Healing

Tendons and ligaments have limited repair capacity. Once damaged, tendons and ligaments undergo changes that cause substantial clinical problems including pain, swelling and local stiffness.

Sports Medicine Research

Clinicians at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center are actively involved in more than 30 current research projects and clinical trials.

Synovial Joint Formation Research

developing embryonic joint

Synovial joint formation researchers at CHOP focus on ways to harness the joint regenerative properties of certain cells and create new treatments.