Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery Patient Stories

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Hyperhidrosis: Alexa’s Story

Alexa hyperhidrosis patient smiling

Since having surgery at CHOP to correct hyperhidrosis, a condition that caused her to have excessively sweaty hands, Alexa can pursue her love of acting with more confidence.

Hyperhidrosis: Daniel’s Story

Daniel playing baseball

Daniel plays baseball and basketball with confidence after surgery at CHOP corrected hyperhidrosis, a condition that caused his hands to sweat excessively.

Sand Drowning: Edgar’s ECMO Story

Edgar outside

A day at the beach turned into a nightmare when a sand cave collapsed on Edgar. He was rushed to CHOP where a world-renowned ECMO team saved his life.

Heterotaxy Syndrome: Laila's Story

Laila Kramer was 8 years old when her family learned she was born with heterotaxy syndrome, a rare birth defect where many of her internal organs are reversed from their normal positions. When she contracted a serious liver infection, she got help from CHOP experts.

Hirschsprung's Disease: Khloe's Story


Khloe was just 2 days old when doctors noticed she was having digestive problems. She was transferred to CHOP where doctors discovered she had Hirschsprung’s disease.

Jejunal Atresia: Jack's Story


Born prematurely with an enlarged area on his upper intestine, Jack was diagnosed with multiple jejunal atresia. Though it occurs only 1 in 3,000 live births, the expert team at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia knew how to treat his rare condition.

Small Bowel Atresia: Zoe's Story


Zoe was diagnosed before birth with small bowel atresia, a cause of fetal bowel obstruction, and underwent surgery at CHOP when she was just 1 day old.

Gardner Syndrome: Felix's Story


When Felix, who is from Caracas, Venezuela, was diagnosed with Gardner syndrome, a condition that often leads to colorectal cancer, his parents found him the best care at CHOP.