Ear Deformities Program

Abnormal development of the ear can cause a variety of complications, ranging from cosmetic issues to hearing and development problems. The Ear Deformities Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers surgical repair, including ear reconstruction, non-surgical treatment options such as ear molding, and multidisciplinary team care for children with a wide variety of ear deformities and related disorders.

Why Choose Us?

Located within a top-ranked pediatric institution that is committed to research and innovation, the pediatric plastic, reconstructive and oral surgeons at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have the expertise needed to provide the best comprehensive care for your child.

Conditions We Treat

Our multidisciplinary team treats a wide variety of ear deformities affecting the structure, appearance and function of the ear. Learn more about the ear deformities we treat.

Our Team

The Ear Deformities Program brings together a variety of pediatric specialties that are integral to your child's care, including board-certified plastic surgeons, nurse practitioners and nurses.