About the Pediatric Liver Center

At the Pediatric Liver Center, ongoing collaboration of a multidisciplinary team produces the most comprehensive care for your child, the fullest support for your family and the very best outcomes for every type of liver disease.

Gastroenterologists with special expertise in liver disease evaluate and direct the care and management of children with liver diseases. They work with specialized nurses, nutritionists and physicians from throughout CHOP — all dedicated to your child. We also provide support services for your child and family through psychology, social services, child and family education sessions, and support groups.

Research offers new hope

Biesecker Pediatric Liver Center physicians and scientists are internationally recognized leaders in laboratory and clinical research on pediatric liver disease. The center is a leading recipient of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other organizations. As a major referral center caring for a large number of children each year, we are able to draw upon a vast pool of data for our research efforts. The presence of leading researchers in all areas of pediatrics at Children's Hospital encourages cross-collaboration.

Our team works to bring important discoveries rapidly from bench to bedside, to benefit your child and children everywhere.