Relapsed Leukemia and Lymphoma Program

The Cancer Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) offers a unique treatment program for children with relapsed, refractory or resistant-to-front-line-therapy leukemia and lymphoma. The program is staffed by a world-class team of pediatric oncologists who specialize in cases of leukemia and lymphoma that return after initial treatment with standard protocols.

CAR T-Cell Therapy for Relapsed Leukemia: Paulina’s Story

Our Programs and Services

Every child treated for relapsed leukemia or lymphoma at CHOP has access to a wide range of pediatric specialists. They collaborate to provide advanced diagnostics and a personalized treatment plan that considers the unique needs of your child and family.

Our Team

Your child and family will benefit from our large team of experts in relapsed leukemias and lymphomas. 

Next Steps
Existing Patients or Family Members
New Patients, Referrals and 2nd Opinions
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Your Philadelphia Campus Visit

Planning a trip to CHOP? Find information about visiting hours, where to park, where to stay, how to prepare your child for a visit and more.


Relapsed Leukemia or Lymphoma Evaluation

Our leukemia and lymphoma relapse experts will talk with you about whether the Cancer Center at CHOP is a good fit for your child and your family.

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