About the Solid Tumor Program

Children treated by the Solid Tumor Program team benefit from having experts in every specific type of tumor, who develop a treatment plan unique to each child. Our solid tumor specialists include:

  • Medical oncologists well-versed in the most recent treatment innovations
  • Expert pediatric surgeons with extensive experience in all types of pediatric cancers
  • Radiation oncologists with access to cutting-edge technology

Patients who receive solid tumor treatment at CHOP typically see members of the core group during each visit so they can build a relationship with their caregivers, and their caregivers can get to know them well. In addition to the individual attention patients receive from their primary oncologists, they benefit from the collective expertise of the entire solid tumor treatment group. The full treatment group remains actively involved in the oversight of every patient’s care, discussing patients’ needs and treatment on a regular basis.

Surgical oncology options for solid tumors

Surgery often plays a critical role in a child’s overall cancer treatment. Our surgeons understand all aspects of treatment, and take into account chemotherapy and radiation considerations. Our neuroblastoma surgeons take an aggressive yet safe approach to the removal of tumors, keeping in mind the entirety of a patient’s therapy. Our team is highly experienced in nephron sparing surgery, which removes only part of the kidney in patients with renal tumors, and in bladder tumor surgery.

At CHOP our pediatric surgical oncology team consists of experts with extensive experience in all types of pediatric cancers, including those that are very rare and hard-to-treat. Learn more about the unique partnership between oncologists and surgeons at CHOP in this video.

Experienced and innovative

  • We are one of the world’s leading treatment centers for high-risk and relapsed neuroblastoma.
  • The highly skilled radiation oncologists at our Pediatric Proton Therapy Center design treatment plans that deliver precision radiation doses that minimize damage to surrounding healthy tissue.
  • We conduct early-phase clinical trials, giving patients who qualify access to cutting-edge investigational therapies.
  • We work closely with our genomics lab to better understand the nature of the tumors we treat and look for alterations we can target therapeutically.

Next Steps
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Get a Second Opinion

Our experts are here to review your child’s diagnosis and treatment plan, and work with primary oncologists as needed.