Pain Medication Refills

Prescription refill

If you need a prescription refill, please call the Pain Management Clinic between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The number to call is 215-590-1409.

To ensure that you don't run out of medication — especially over weekends and holidays — please give us seven days notice to refill your prescription. Refills for narcotic medications must be written. You may pick up your refill prescription at the Clinic or we can mail it to you. If you are having the prescription mailed to you, please allow extra time for delivery. 

If the prescription was written more than one year ago, it has expired. Some prescriptions are only valid for six months; it depends on the medicine.

If you have not had an appointment in the Pain Management Clinic in the past six months, you will need to schedule an appointment so the prescription can be rewritten.

To help us renew your prescription

Please tell us:

  • Name of the medicine.
  • Dosage information (i.e. prescription strength, how often it is taken).
  • If you would like to pick up the prescription or have it mailed to you.
  • If you would prefer us to call or fax your child's prescription refill into your local pharmacy. If so, please provide the name and phone number of the local pharmacy.

About insurance

Please know your insurance coverage. There may be times when the insurance company will not pay for the medicine prescribed for your child. Talk to your child's doctor about alternative medicines that may offer the same benefits but are covered by your insurance. If there are no options for choosing a different medicine, you will be responsible for paying the bill for your child's medication.

Other facilities

If a physician from another healthcare facility prescribed the medicine, please call that physician for refill requests, or to answer questions and address concerns.

Problems with your prescription

If your child is having problems with any of the prescription medicines that we prescribed, or if you have questions about these medicines, please call the Pain Management Clinic at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at 215-590-1409

We will return your call within 24 hours.

August 2012