New Trauma Video Highlights Orthopedic Care

For more than 25 years, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia — the first Pediatric Trauma Center in Pennsylvania accredited by the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation — has provided unparalleled medical and surgical care for all injured children, including those with the most severe injuries. When Seconds Count is a new video in which experts from CHOP’s Trauma Center present a complete overview of what is entailed in Level 1 trauma care — including the multidisciplinary team and resources necessary.

In the video, John M. Flynn, MD, associate chief of Orthopedic Surgery at CHOP and associate trauma director, highlights advances in orthopedic care of trauma patients that have improved outcomes.

“In the last decade or so, there has been very fast movement towards operative management of something like a femur fracture, where we will take the child to the operating room on the day of their injury or the day after their injury. And that’s been a dramatic positive improvement,” he notes in the video. “It’s not just that the bone will look fine on an X-ray in a couple of months, but that this child is not in a body cast. We were looking at the child holistically, and it took a while for the orthopedic community to embrace that, but now I would say it’s certainly the standard of care throughout the United States.”

The video also demonstrates how CHOP’s work towards trauma prevention, education, research advances, and overall trauma awareness provides hope for reduced injuries in the future. View When Seconds Count.

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