Sports Safety Webinar: Injuries, Heat Illness and Concussion

Watch a recording of a sports safety webinar for parents and coaches of youth athletes, hosted by pediatric sports medicine specialists from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center, in partnership with LeagueSide.

Topics covered include:

  • Recognizing and evaluating common injuries seen in youth sports, including tips for return to sport progression
  • (starting at 17:47) Recognizing and preventing sports related heat illness (heat stroke or exertional heat illness), including guidelines for hydration and rest breaks, and emergency treatments
  • (starting at 35:30) Protecting youth athletes from concussion, easy tips for sideline evaluation, red flags to watch for, concussion management and recovery
  • (starting at 51:23) Q&A session

Related Centers and Programs: Sports Medicine and Performance Center, Division of Orthopaedics