Primary Care Clinical Pathway for Supporting Children
with Challenging Behaviors

Preliminary Assessment & Interventions
Patient Engaged in Visit
Behavioral Escalation Event
Proceed with Visit
Unable to Proceed with Visit
  • Caregiver/Provider/Nurse Discussion of Supportive Options
  • Reschedule Visit
  • Debrief with Staff
  • Notify Leadership
Discharge and Documentation
Posted: December 2020
Revised: August 2022
Authors: J. Ginsberg, MSN; M. Hoynoski, CCLS; V. Scheid, MD; W. Wallace, DO; E. Steinmiller, MSN;
N. McCartney, RN; A. Hansel, BSN; W. Serdich, LPN; J. Lee, PharmD; E. Gatto, LCSW; B. McGovern, LSW