Why Choose CHOP's Division of Allergy and immunology

The Division of Allergy Immunology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is the largest of its kind in the USA. The division is staffed by more than 20 attending physicians and nearly a hundred staff who collaborate to treat children with any allergic or immunologic disorder. We offer many specialty clinical programs focused on specific disorders, ranging from common to complex.

Recognized industry leaders

We have a designated Center of Excellence in Immunology and have ben recognized as a pivotal site for Allergic conditions.

A multidisciplinary approach to care

Our team includes many types of professionals who coordinate your child’s care and work closely with you to ensure the very best outcomes for your child. As part of one of the top-ranked and largest children's hospitals in the nation, the division offers direct access to pediatric experts across every specialty your child might need. We also work with your family pediatrician and other specialty care physicians to support your child and ensure continuity of care.

Family support

A child's illness can impact the entire family. Our staff members are skilled and compassionate, providing support to caregivers and siblings of children with chronic medical conditions.

Expertise in pediatric disorders

At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, our team of clinicians, scientists and researchers are committed to advancing understanding of disorders and bringing breakthroughs in care to patients. We:

  • Lead and participate in groundbreaking research into the causes of allergic and immunologic disorders to help develop new and better ways to treat these conditions
  • Actively lead and participate in clinical trials
  • Have published more than 300 papers
  • Promote the sharing of information and knowledge by hosting symposiums and participating in national forums
  • Are on a path to continuous improvement by designing and updating programs in response to feedback from patients, families, staff and referring physicians
  • We can utilize biologic approaches to steer a child’s immune system to be more functional

Advanced diagnostic tools

Allergic conditions can be complex to diagnose and stressful for families who are waiting for answers. There are many internet myths regarding allergies. To ensure patients are diagnosed quickly and accurately, we offer the most advanced diagnostic procedures for children.  We can help you navigate the mythology and confusion and determine precisely what type of allergy is affecting your child. Not all allergy diagnostic tests are accurate in children. The high volume of conditions we treat, coupled with the advanced diagnostic tools we offer, leads to more accurate diagnoses, customized treatments, and children feeling better, faster.

Immunologic conditions can be mysterious and frightening for a child. Often there can be infections and autoimmune diseases that are just chalked up to “bad luck”. Our Immunologists utilize the most advanced testing to characterize your child’s immune system with unprecedented accuracy. Genetic testing is widely used to understand the basis of a child’s condition. The Immunology program at CHOP is the largest in the United States and the experience and high standards make it possible to develop a therapy plan that uniquely fits each child’s goals.

Second opinions

Families come to us from around the world seeking second opinions about their diagnoses and treatment options. The Second Opinion Program will consult with you or your physician to provide confirmation of your child's disorder, treatment options and follow-up care.


We offer:

  • Allergy appointments at 7 locations around the region in addition to our Main Campus in Philadelphia.
  • When you call the division to schedule your child's first appointment, our expert coordinators will gather initial information about your child and offer you a choice of the next available appointments at the most convenient location for you. You can also request an appointment online and a representative will call you to schedule your child's visit.
  • MyCHOP, a patient portal for families to schedule visits, access records, see test results, ask your doctor questions, and more.
  • Help with insurance and billing issues.

Transition to adult care

The transition program will ensure your child makes a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care. During your child's adolescence, the transition team will provide your teen with the tools and resources necessary for them to take added responsibility for their own healthcare and become more comfortable making their own decisions about their health.

Contact us

For appointments and referrals, call 215-590-2549 or fill out the appointment request form.

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