CHOP Neurology at the Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting

We’re looking forward to the 51st Child Neurology Society (CNS) Annual Meeting in Cincinnati Oct. 12–15. Two of our trainees will be receiving awards, a number of our experts are leading seminars and presenting posters and abstracts, and we’ll have more than 15 team members in attendance. 




  • Childhood Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis and Risk for Epilepsy - Alexis Karlin, MD
  • Low Diagnostic Yield from Biochemical CSF Neurotransmitter Testing in Infants - Riley Kessler, MD


  • Fetal Neurology Consortium and Registry Workgroup – Fetal Neurology Program Survey Results - Sonika Agarwal, MBBS, MD
  • Diversity: Disability in Child Neurology — Society, Medicine and the Person Panel Discussion, Q&A and Case Studies - Moderated By Danielle Guez Barber, MD PhD
  • “Pediatric Epilepsy Clinical Trials" at the CNS Pellock Seminar - Dennis Dlugos, MD


  • The Phenotypic Spectrum of Pediatric Onset TUBB4A-related Leukoencephalopathies: A New Classification System Among the Pediatric Population - Brittany Charsar, MD, PhD
  • iPSC-derived Human Neuronal and Oligodendrocyte Models to Unravel H-ABC Pathophysiology and Emerging Anti-sense Therapy - Luis Garcia, MD
  • Prenatal Neurologic Diagnosis: Challenges in Neuroimaging, Prognostic Counseling, and Prediction of Neurodevelopmental Outcomes - Virali Patel, MD
  • Male Mice Have Larger Lesions and More Variable Macrophage Response Than Females Three Days After P10 Hypoxia-ischemia - Danielle Guez-Barber, MD, PhD
  • Rapid Exome/Genome Sequencing in the Diagnosis of Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes in Two Hypotonic Infants - Omer Abdul Hamid, MD
  • Systemic Complications of Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome, David Isaacs
  • Burden of Disease Exploration in TUBB4A-related Leukodystrophy - Virali Patel, MD
  • Time to Clinical Event Measures in Individuals with Leukodystrophies, Jacob McCann, MD
  • Genome Sequencing Enables Precision Clinical Care in Genetic Leukoencephalopathies - Kayla Muirhead, MS, LCGC
  • Germline and Therapeutic Suppression of Tubulin Beta 4A Rescues H-ABC Leukodystrophy in Mice - Julia Hacker, MD

Late-Breaking Abstract

  • Unraveling Shared and Cell-type Specific Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Responses to Prenatal Hypoxia in the Developing Brain - Ana G. Cristancho, MD, PhD