Mobile Phone Measurements in FA

Principal Investigator: David Lynch, MD, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Sponsor: FARA

This study involves two visits to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for in-clinic assessments, including a 9-hole peg test, 25-foot walk, questionnaires and a neurology exam. These visits are one month apart.

Each day in between these visits, study participants will be using a mobile phone provided by the study team to do voice, posture, gait and reflex time testing at home three times per day. The purpose of this study is to use this mobile phone application to evaluate day-to-day fluctuations in symptoms, which we are unable to evaluate in person. 

This study also involves the use of a Microsoft Kinect video gaming system in our clinic one time to assess upper limb function. You will be asked to mimic movements that are displayed on a screen. For participants using the Kinect-measured workspace analysis program, this will be done as a one-time procedure in a clinical setting.

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