Division of Urology Research

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Andrology and Infertility Research

Researchers in the Division of Urology are actively involved in research to learn more about the long-term problems of infertility and testicular cancer.

Bladder Function Research

Researchers in CHOP’s Division of Urology are exploring issues affecting the bladder by combining laboratory research with data about patients.

Clinical Research in the Division of Urology

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The goal of the Division of Urology's clinical research program is to better understand the natural history of some of the conditions we treat, as well as the outcomes for patients following our interventions.

Genital Wound Healing Research

Researchers in CHOP's Division of Urology are studying factors related to wound healing following hypospadias repair.

Hypospadias Research

Our hypospadias research efforts are focused on providing optimal care for these patients worldwide. Find highlights of our recent research including highlighted publications.

Kidney Stone Publications

Find a list of recent publications about the evaluation and medical management of pediatric kidney stones by the staff of CHOP's Pediatric Kidney Stone Center.

Kidney Stone Recurrence in Children

Researchers at the Pediatric Kidney Stone Center are investigating stone recurrence in children and adolescents with the goal of improving treatment options and lowering recurrence rates.