About the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program

What we offer

Our Blood and Marrow Transplant Program serves the needs of children who require a blood or marrow transplant to replace stem cells to treat their illness. Transplant is a treatment for a variety of diseases including certain types of pediatric cancer, disorders of the blood and immune system (the system that fights infection) as well as a wide variety of other rare disorders and syndromes.

Our comprehensive program is designed to support you through each step of the transplant process; starting with quick entry into the program. Our dedicated BMT Program Coordinators will manage the time-sensitive care coordination of critically ill children who require either an autologous or an allogenic transplant as best chance for survival. 

Our BMT Insurance Specialist will obtain insurance authorizations and approvals, and offer counseling regarding personal out-of-pocket financial obligations according to your child’s specific insurance benefits. Our authorization time is as short as 24 hours.

About blood and marrow transplant

Cells used in blood and marrow transplant, called stem cells, are obtained from:

  • Bone marrow – tissue inside the bone
  • Peripheral blood – cells that make up the blood (white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets)
  • Cord blood – cells from the umbilical cord

The decision about the type of transplant that will be done depends on your child’s disease.

  • Autologous stem cell transplant - If a child is to receive an autologous (self) stem cell transplant this means he or she will be getting their own stem cells for the transplant.
  • Allogeneic transplant – If a child is to receive an allogeneic (non-self) transplant, this means he or she is getting stem cells from either a family member or an unrelated donor. Allogeneic transplants may use bone marrow, cord blood or peripheral stem cells depending on the donor and your child’s specific needs.

Our team of experts

Families who decide to come to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for their child’s transplant will receive the highest level of innovative medical, nursing and supportive care services from a dedicated, highly experienced team. This team works together to provide comprehensive, individualized care for each patient. We work collaboratively with a variety of clinical experts for the specific management of your child’s condition before, during and after transplant.

Our extensive multidisciplinary team includes experts in the treatment of pediatric cancer as well as diseases and disorders of the blood and immune system. The team includes physicians, advanced practice nurses, nurse and non-nurse clinical coordinators, social workers, inpatient and outpatient registered nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and child life specialists.