Neuroendocrine Resources for Professionals

The following presentations were given in March 2019 at Pediatric Pituitary Brain Tumor Day at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Pituitary: A Tour of All of the Hormones, Craig Alter, MD

Hypothalamic Obesity, Shana McCormack, MD

Hypothalamic Obesity: A Nutritional Approach, Marci Serota, RD 

Neurodevelopment Outcomes of Pediatric Brain Tumors, Matthew Hocking, MD, PhD 

Steroids: Tips and Pitfalls about Dosing, Michelle McLoughlin, NP 

Growth Hormone: Various Issues Including Adult GH Therapy, Craig Alter, MD 

Diabetes Insipidus Management, Craig Alter, MD, Amy Wood 

Sleep and the Neuroendocrine System: It's About Time, Melissa Xanthopoulos, PhD 

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Males, Christopher Gibson, MD 

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Females, Vaneeta Bamba, MD 

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