Summer Safety Tips and Diabetes

Summer brings a lot of fun things – vacation, swimming and outdoor activities. It also brings the hot weather. Use these tips to help keep yourself safe!

  • Avoid dehydration. Hot weather, exercise and high blood sugars can lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Your best choice is water. Avoid sugary drinks because even if you bolus for the carbs, they won’t re-hydrate you as well!
  • Check blood sugars frequently. High and low blood sugars can occur in hot weather. Know the signs and symptoms and what to do to treat high and low blood sugars.
  • Protect your feet. Walking on hot sand or pavement can cause an injury or burn. Avoid walking barefoot. Wash and inspect your feet every day and treat an injury or burn properly to avoid infection.
  • Check your insulin pump infusion site. If you wear an insulin pump, you may need to take extra care in the summer to help the site stay secure, especially when exercising or swimming. This may include using a skin-prep wipe or extra tape. Also, remember to check your site throughout the day to make sure it is okay. Suspect a bad pump site when blood sugar is high and you have ketones. When in doubt…change it out!
  • Travel safely with your diabetes supplies. Whether you are going on a day trip to the beach or a vacation across the country, remember to pack extra supplies and have a plan in case you run out while you are away. Store your insulin out of direct sunlight.
  • Exercise safely. Remember to test your blood sugar before swimming, playing sports or any exercise. Know what to do if your blood sugar is low or high. Remember that it is not safe to exercise if you have ketones! Wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace.