Situations When Emotional Support Is Helpful

mother and son There are some situations or times as your family deals with a diabetes diagnosis when added emotional and lifestyle support is often needed. Some of these are:

  • When your child is newly diagnosed. Your family’s world has been turned upside down, and it’s very stressful. Find advice on how to cope.
  • When your child is afraid of needles. Needles are a part of managing diabetes. This video can help your child overcome their fears.
  • When things begin to settle down. Even when the newness of a diabetes diagnosis is behind you and you’re getting the knack of managing the medical side of things, the emotional side still needs attention. Find some tips to help your child emotionally.
  • When your child complains that they spend too much time managing their diabetes. This video shows that it only takes 15 minutes a day to keep diabetes under control.
  • When your child is starting school or changing schools. Children with diabetes have the right to have their medical needs met while they’re in school, and a 504 Plan ensures that happens. Learn more.
  • When your child doesn’t know how to tell their friends they have diabetes. No kid wants to be thought of as different, so some are reluctant to share their diabetes diagnosis. These steps can help you help them.
  • When your child joins a sports team. Exercise is important to maintain health, but sports can impact diabetes management. Here’s how to play sports and keep sugars under control.
  • When it’s time for vacation. Diabetes won’t stop your family from going on vacation, but it’s important to plan ahead. Here are tips to make your trip fun — and safe.
  • If you sense your adolescent or teen may be depressed. One in three kids with diabetes has symptoms of depression. It’s important to address these concerns. Here’s more information.
  • When your teen wants to start driving. As if having your teen drive isn’t stressful enough! This module explains how teens can stay safe while on the road.
  • When your teen is thinking about drinking alcohol. Drinking and diabetes is a dangerous mix. This module explains why.
  • When your child is transitioning to adulthood. The Diabetes Center has resources with information on important topics including managing diabetes at work, managing prescriptions, and understanding insurance. Learn more.

If you or a family member is interested in Emotional and Lifestyle Support Services, please connect with a member of your care team.

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