Type 1 Diabetes Exchange Registry

Study name

The T1D Exchange Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Center Network

Study sponsors

Jaeb Center for Health Research

Principal investigator

Steven Willi, MD, Director of Diabetes Center at CHOP

What is the T1D Exchange?

The purpose of this research study is to create a registry (database) that includes information about people who have type 1 diabetes (T1D). Researchers will use this information to learn more about the disease, determine whether some ways of managing T1D are better than other ways, and develop evidence-based guidelines for optimal clinical care. At least 25,000 people at over 60 medical centers will take part in the study, including approximately 1200 participants from CHOP. Another goal of this project is create an interactive website for individuals living with type 1 diabetes, called Glu, with mobile capabilities.

What is the value of the T1D Exchange for individuals with type 1 diabetes?

The T1D Exchange offers individuals with type 1 diabetes the ability to collect and maintain their diabetes-related health information and compare it to the information of others living with the disease. It also offers access to educational material, information about research studies and clinical trials, and opportunities to engage with the Exchange community, including other members with type 1 diabetes, caretakers, clinicians and researchers.

For more information please visit the T1D Exchange - Clinic Registry website.

If interested, please email diabetesresearch@email.chop.edu or call 267-426-7519.

CHOP IRB#: IRB 10-007741

Approval Date: 11/18/2011

Expiration Date: N/A

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