Type 1 Diabetes: Jackson's Story

The staff at New Eagle Elementary School in Tredyffrin, PA, doesn’t think that first graders are too young to start thinking about helping others. Case in point: Jackson Moul.

Jackson made the most of a fundraising challenge and earned more than $600 for the Diabetes Parent Support Network at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

His teacher, Beth Adams, used a grant from the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization to give each child in her class $10 in seed money to use to raise even more money for a worthy cause.

jackson and sister lauren Jackson and his sister, Lauren. “It’s a way to get them thinking about helping other people,” says Adams. “We also teach ways to make the money grow.”

Jackson used his $10 to buy supplies for a s’mores party. With the help of his mother, Diane, he created a website to get the word out about his party and intention to donate all proceeds to CHOP. More than 45 people paid $5 to attend the party and more donations came in over the website.

Why the Diabetes Center?

Jackson has type 1 diabetes and has attended the Live Well With Diabetes conference, which is sponsored by CHOP. His mother, Diane, is also connected with CHOP: During a work placement program that was part of her work toward a master’s of social work degree, she spent time in the Division of Endocrinology, including CHOP's Diabetes Center for Children and the endocrinology unit.

While she had first-hand knowledge of the challenges of caring for a child with diabetes, she also learned even more while attending meetings with the Diabetes Parent Support Network. Meetings are held at CHOP’s Main Campus six times a year and families who attend learn the ins and outs of living with diabetes. They also share with — and learn from — other parents about diabetes management strategies that work.

I knew how much families benefited from the meetings. and i knew the money would help pay the expenses for a few meetings. there was a direct connection.

Originally posted: December 2013

Next Steps
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