Shannon: Thyroid Cancer Patient Ambassador

Pediatric cancer strikes one in 285 children. Shannon, 17, a thyroid cancer patient, is helping raise awareness as an ambassador for the 2014 Parkway Run & Walk. The annual event has raised millions for pediatric cancer research and survivorship at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the world’s best pediatric cancer hospitals and research centers. Sign up or donate at


Parkway Run Shannon

Shannon: One word I would use to describe myself is crazy.  Everything makes me laugh. 

Amy: She's spunky, she's full of life, and she is just amazing.  Shannon has to be the most courageous girl I have ever met.

Shannon: I was in fifth grade, and I had this big like lump on my throat right here.  So we went to the doctors and they did a lot of testing on it.  They found it was thyroid cancer.  It made me grow up a lot.  So it definitely changed me into like a better person.  I didn't take stuff for granted anymore.  Like I realized like what's important in life now. 

Richard: Last June the cancer came back in her femur and a little bit in her back so that's sort of where we are right now. 

Amy: As parents you're scared, and you don't know the future, but Shannon would wake up, you know, every morning, go to school like nothing happened. 

Richard: The last couple years when the cancer came back, she decided to do more for CHOP.  She wanted to be more involved with making a change or making a difference.  All the kids we met and all the parents met at CHOP, the kids are just so resilient, it's amazing.  One out of 300 children under the age of 19 will come down with cancer this year.  One out of 300 children.  I don't care if you live in Florida or California or New Jersey, the money that goes to these fundraisers will eventually eradicate cancer. Walk for Shannon.

Amy: Walk for my daughter.

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