Cancer Center Town Hall Recordings

The Cancer Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) holds town halls for Cancer Center families.

Clinical Trials 101

Held July 2021

During this Patient & Family Town Hall, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia’s Cancer Center presented on a focused on explaining clinical trials, which have played a vital role in improving the cure rates for many pediatric cancers over the past 50 years.

Central Venous Lines

Held May 2021

In this Town Hall, experts discussed central venous lines: why we use them, how they work, potential complications and what patients can do to help manage their central line.

COVID-19 and Its Vaccines in Children, Including Those with Cancer

Held April 2021

This town hall focuses on understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected children, including children with cancer, and explaining ongoing vaccine studies for children and plans for enrolling children with cancer.

Looking Out for Your Child’s Emotional Well-being

Held March 2021

This presentation focuses on helping caregivers understand and recognize concerning signs of emotional distress in their children as they manage potentially stressful changes related to cancer.

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