Conditions Treated at the Very Rare Malignant Tumors Program

Rare Subtypes of Sarcomas

Sarcomas are generally common in children, but there are a wide number of rare subtypes that have specific genetic alterations some of which are targetable by new drugs, such as NTRK fusions. Children with rare subtypes of sarcomas are seen by our specialists in rare tumors, sarcomas, bone and soft tissue tumor surgery, and radiation oncology.

Cancers Usually Found in Adults

Adult-type cancers in children include lung cancer and colon cancer. CHOP provides a pediatric medical home for these patients while collaborating with Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center oncologists who have expertise in treating these cancers in adults. Our approach is to use genomics to better understand these cancers.

Neuroendocrine Tumors

These tumors, which are rare in adults as well, exist along a very broad spectrum and can occur anywhere in the body. Many times, these are incidentally found, such as during an appendectomy, in which case the organ resection also removes the tumor. In other instances, however, these tumors have a more aggressive presentation that require cutting-edge treatment strategies.

Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented lesions in children range from benign nevi (“moles”) to aggressive melanomas. Our team includes experts in dermatology, pathology, and surgery as well as oncology. Working together, we use pathologic features and genomics to define each patient’s risk and treatment strategy. While many of these lesions are cured by surgery, patients with higher risk or recurrent tumors are offered therapy with immunotherapy or precision targeted therapies based on genetics.

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