Refer a Patient for Clinical Trial

When to consider referring a patient

When a child is diagnosed with a high-risk tumor or a cancer that is likely to relapse, it’s important to consider what options he may need in the future. Because new agents for childhood cancer are beginning to target the molecular changes that cause specific cancers, we are considering new agents earlier in the course of therapy for children with cancer.

We encourage you to contact us about any patient with resistant, relapsed or recurrent leukemia or lymphoma or metastatic solid tumor. For high-risk patients, these discussions are never premature. Preliminary discussions may help preserve options for your patient in the future or facilitate referral for enrollment in a clinical trial, if needed.

Partnership with referring physicians

When you call about a patient with recurrent or high-risk disease, an oncologist will discuss your patient’s case with you. Together, we can explore options for potential clinical trials. An evaluation at CHOP can be arranged, if medically appropriate and consistent with the wishes of the referring physician and family.

If you would like more information or are considering a referral, please call 1-888-ONC-CHOP (1-888-662-2467) to speak to an oncologist.

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