Fetal Family Reunion 2010 Video

Our annual reunion brings together former patients, their families, and the professionals who cared for them. Over the years, this summertime event has grown along with the success of the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment.


Fetal Family Reunion 2010 Video

Group : --one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice --

Mom 1 : I always tell her she's--what do I call you? You're my what kind of baby?

Child 1 : A miracle baby.

Mom 1 : A miracle baby.

Lori J. Howell, RN : Dr. Adzick says it's the happiest day of the year for him.

N. Scott Adzick, MD : It's straightforward to see why this is my easily favorite day of the year and that's with my wife here and that sort of outranks the wedding anniversary.

Lori J. Howell, RN : I would have to agree. You know, there's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and work that goes into getting this kind of outcome for these mothers and babies.

Dad 1 : We like to come back and see people that we met in the neonatal unit, doctors and nurses that we had and that took care of our son while we were here.

Nurse : Addison, I was your nurse a long time ago. Do you remember your room number?

Mom 2 : It's nice to come here and spend a day that's not all about the hospital and getting tests and seeing doctors. It, kind of, gives them a chance to have a little bit of fun at a place that's usually a little bit scary and a little bit intimidating.

Child 2 : I like to get my face painted. And I like to play all the different kind of games.

Child 3 : Play on the jumpy thing. And--and we've been eating donuts. Yummy.

Child 4 : I go on the train. And when I started to go on the train, then I said, "Bye-bye."

Unknown Speaker 1 : It's great for all the kids to see other kids who have gone through the same trials that they have, and it's great for the families to get the encouragement from other families.

Dad 2 : We just met three families today that had a twin-to-twin transfusion, same service that we had down here. And we had never, never spoken to them before. It's amazing how much you have in common with people you've never met before.

Lori J. Howell, RN : It really is a time where the families want to come back and show us how their children are doing. But I think it's a time for us to be able to look at those children and how well they've done. And when we have a baby who doesn't survive or there was nothing that we could do to bring them through that, remember how far we've come.

Unknown Speaker 2 : I love the big group picture.

Unknown Speaker 3 : I think that's when you really get a feeling for how many people CHOP has helped and how many lives that it's touched and, you know, just being all smushed together like that, it's just one more thing that we all have in common.

Unknown Speaker 4 : I saw the one from 14 years ago and just to see how technology and all the resources that go into saving the little ones' lives has grown is just a testimonial to life.

Unknown Speaker 5 : We're growing every year. I think this year we had over 700 families-- over 700 individuals register, over 200 families. I'm just in awe when I see everybody back here.

Lori J. Howell, RN : At the end of the day, my mouth is stuck in a permanent smile position because I can't-- I've been smiling all day long. You literally forget to eat. You just talk to everybody. And you're just smiling. You're just smiling.

Child 5 : I took a picture with Dr. Adzick. He was my--he was the guy who opened me up.

Unknown Speaker 6 : Did he fix you?

Child 5 : Uh-huh.

Unknown Speaker 6 : So you can what?

Child 5 : Eat.

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