Parkway Run 2013

Thank you to the more than 10,000 runners and walkers, and the thousands of donors, who made the 2013 Parkway Run & Walk our most successful run to date. With your support, we raised $1,031,951 for pediatric cancer research and survivorship at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Parkway Run & Walk 2013 Recap

Neil Batiancila: Good morning, everyone, good morning.

Marilyn Ablaza: Sabrina was 14 years old. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately, she lost her battle August 21.

Joseph Fantozzi: We're here to support my son, who was diagnosed a year ago today with leukemia.

Neil Batiancila: Hey, guys. I'm here from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Neil Batiancila. Nice to meet you. I'm Neil.

Brian: I'm Brian, nice to meet you.

Neil Batiancila: Thanks very much for your help. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you're doing. We really appreciate you guys really making this run very special for us. From a size standpoint, one of the largest runs in the entire city, and it's entirely made by people like you.

Valerie Knight: I'm Valerie Knight from 98.1 WOGL's Breakfast Club. My colleague from CBS radio and Comcast SportsNet, Michael Barkann. I'm really, really happy to be here with you again for the 2013 Parkway Walk and Run benefiting pediatric cancer for Children's Hospital!

Michael Barkann: What's going on today is raising funds for pediatric cancer, and that's what Children's Hospital is about.

Brent Martin: Knowing the impact we make on children's lives, seeing the kids all around here, it's incredible. We're celebrating our 30th year here on the Parkway as Four Seasons, so it's a proud day for us. And then I have another very, very special announcement. Because of all of you down here today, we have now raised $1,031,000.

Christine Polisi: I cannot believe today, how crowded it is down here.

Antonio: Just being able to take a video of all the people walking and running, knowing that they're all here for the same cause, is—it's really amazing that so many people care.

Valerie Knight: When you see all the people here, you realize the impact that cancer does have.

Joseph Fantozzi: It's tough to say on camera, but it's pretty—it's pretty phenomenal, the crowd, everybody, the support behind him. It's been—half the people are from his school that are here, and they—it's tremendous. I can't ask for more.

John Maris, MD: Poignancy of the day is that children are still suffering from this condition, children are still dying, and the only way to change that is to do research.

Frank Balis, MD: For an event like this is all the more important to keep our efforts going, to try to find a cure for every childhood cancer.

Kristen Lee: We're here today to support this amazing cause, and we're here because it's done amazing things in our lives, and we're just so fortunate to have it and want to continue being a part of it as long as we can.

Marilyn Ablaza: Just because my daughter lost her battle doesn't mean that any other child should have to lose their battle.

Valerie Knight: They're special kids. They have to grow up a whole lot quicker. They take their disease with dignity and humor sometimes and fight, and so I'm just glad to help in my way I can. These kids are just tremendous.

Marilyn Ablaza: We need to find a cure. No more children should have to lose their lives over this type of disease, any type of disease, ever, because we don't have a cure. We need more research, more fundraisers. If we could do this every week, I mean, I'd be here every week.

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