Shawn: Parkway Run Patient Ambassador 2013

Shawn was treated for leukemia by the Cancer Center at CHOP. He was selected as a Childhood Cancer Awareness Month spokesperson and an ambassador for the Cancer Center's largest annual fundraiser, the Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk, because cancer hasn't stopped him from scoring goals on soccer field.


Shawn, 5, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Interviewer: I heard that you like trains. Is that true? Yeah? What's so cool about trains?

Shawn: Um, they can take you somewhere.

Shawn’s Father: My son Shawn was diagnosed with leukemia on his fifth birthday. I can't express how wonderful it is coming here to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Interviewer: Do you like to play any sports?

Shawn: Baseball.

Interviewer: Why do you like baseball?

Shawn: I like to hit the ball.

Shawn’s Father: It's awesome to see him listening, paying attention, just to watch him play baseball and soccer. And he's actually getting his strength back. It's very exciting, and I can't—like, three weeks ago, he was playing soccer, and he scored a goal.

Shawn: Whoohoo!

Shawn’s Father: It's like, the whole neighborhood was there. Everyone knows about Shawn, and everyone cheering for him was very, very exciting. And for me, that's what I live for now.

Shawn: Run for me.

Shawn’s Father: Run for my son.

Shawn: Run for all of us.

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