Why Choose Us For IBD Treatment

Unique Offerings

The Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is committed to providing comprehensive and individualized care. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in caring for a child with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

I am so unbelievably comfortable with children's hospital of Philadelphia. Everyone's attitudes here are a breath of fresh air. i feel like these doctors listen to me.

In addition to our team’s depth of expertise, the center offers:

  • Vast experience incorporating nutritional management and therapies.
  • Quick scheduling of appointments. When IBD is suspected or diagnosed, call our Center directly at 215-590-7423 where a coordinator will gather your initial information or contact us online. We strive to schedule all patients as expeditiously as possible.
  • Physician referrals and second opinions. Our center encourages physician referrals and second opinions, as well as new patient visits. If you feel a patient needs to be seen more urgently, let us know and we will work with you.
  • An IBD dedicated, multidisciplinary team. We ensure that patients who require a multispecialist evaluation receive it in one visit.
  • State of the art pediatric endoscopy and infusion suite. Our endoscopy team performs more than 4,500 procedures annually. IBD patients are served by the same staff and are in the same space, whether coming in for endoscopy or infliximab infusion.
  • Unparalleled patient access to research trials.
  • In-person support for the whole family. Our Center offers emotional and social support to meet the unique needs of all family members experiencing an IBD diagnosis. Each year we have an IBD Education Day, where hundreds of family members join us for ongoing education, panels, and support.
  • Very Early Onset IBD clinical and research program. A highly specialized program, featuring a complete immunology and genetic evaluation.

Our Center was designated a Frontier Program by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Frontier Programs are unique, cutting-edge programs that will forge important new discoveries, deliver novel therapies, and help even more children thrive.