Managing IBD at School and in the Community

School advocacy

Your social worker can work with your child's school to make plans for missed days of school, and to plan your child's return to the classroom. We encourage a collaborative approach to address the child’s concerns and feelings about returning to school.

504 Plans

Contact your school to discuss a 504 plan or a healthcare plan for your child. A student with inflammatory bowel disease qualifies for accommodations or services under section 504 (Rehabilitation Act) or classified as “other health impaired” under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We encourage families to have either a written IEP or 504 plan to ensure modifications your child needs are being made to accommodate their condition and affect their ability to learn. Contact your social worker for assistance.

Financial assistance

We understand that managing IBD can be expensive for families. Please contact your GI social worker to learn if your family is eligible for any financial resources.