Tips for Remembering IBD Medications

Many families have questions about what they can do to help adolescents and teens remember to take their medication. We have gathered several helpful tips below.


Taking medication can be difficult to fit into everyday life and busy schedules. In fact, parents and children say the No. 1 reason children do not take their medication is because they forget!

A few helpful tips for remembering to take medications include:

  • Set an alarm on your phone or watch to remind you when it is time to take medicine.
  • Keep medicine in a visible place (when possible), like the kitchen table or the bathroom sink. Medicine that is hidden in a cupboard or drawer can be easily forgotten.
  • Make a habit of taking medicine at the same time as another activity in your daily routine, such as before brushing teeth in the morning or with dinner.
  • Plan ahead for vacations, sleepovers and other events that get you out of your routine.
  • For older children or teens, choose someone (like a parent or older sibling) to give reminders about medicine.

If you would like other strategies to make it easier to take medications or follow your treatment plan, talk to your medical team or make an appointment with our IBD psychologist.