About Your Child's Visit to the Acquired Autonomic Dysfunction Program

The Acquired Autonomic Dysfunction Program (AADP) is now offering telehealth Multidisciplinary Clinic Days to families during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of speeding diagnosis, enhancing treatment and proving quality follow-up care to patients.

Our goal is to align the "in-person" AADP clinic experience as much as possible with the experience available by telehealth to provide your child with necessary care and treatment within fewer delays.

Before your child's visit

Please review the information below about what to expect at your child's visit, important deadlines, how to prepare and meeting our team.

  • You received a New Patient Questionnaire in MyCHOP. This must be completed at least one week prior to your child's appointment.
    • To locate, open the “Health Tab”, and click on “Medical Tools”.
  • The 3-day Diet Diary will be sent for you to record your child's nutritional intake.
  • We will schedule your visit in our multidisciplinary clinic through one video-visit appointment via MyCHOP where you will have access to all of our providers on the same day. (see instructions on how to access visit below)
  • Each specialist will be scheduled at a specific time during the video visit. We will send your personal itinerary and video visit guide 48 hours prior to your visit via MyCHOP message.
  • As with our “in-person” clinic visits, appointments typically begin at 8 a.m. You will spend most of your day consulting with all the specialists scheduled within the Multidisciplinary Clinic Day, except these visits will occur in the comfort of your own home.
  • You can log out of the video visit between appointments and rejoin as much as needed throughout the clinic day. During the short breaks between your scheduled appointments, please take the opportunity to walk around, stretch, refill your water bottle and eat lunch/snacks.
  • It will be important for you to be out of your bedroom for your visit. This allows all of us to focus on your visit and assess the most appropriate recommendations. You are welcome to dress comfortably while sitting in a comfortable chair.
  • Although not a scheduled appointment on your/your child’s itinerary, our social worker, Ava Salimnejad, MSW, LSW, plans to visit with you during your visit with our behavioral health specialist. In addition, she is available to speak with you during the clinic day between appointments.
  • Prior to video visits in AADP Clinic, ALL patients MUST review and sign the Behavioral Health Consents located in the video visit Pre-Check-In tab.
    • These consents will be available and can be completed 3 days prior to your scheduled video visit.
    • Your clinic day may need to be rescheduled if BH consents are not signed at least 24 hours in advance.

Preparing for your child's visit

To complete your child's AADP clinic evaluation through telemedicine, we request your help the day before clinic to gather certain information to allow us better assess your child and determine the most appropriate next steps for your child's care.

Initial assessments

  1. Heart Rate Measurements at timed intervals, which can be completed manually, via electronic device such as an Apple watch, FitBit or Garmin; Pulse Ox device; or iPhone or Android app using your child's index finger to measure heart rate (there are numerous free apps such as Heart Rate Monitor).
  2. Current weight
  3. Current height
  4. List of current medications/supplements (or actual containers), dosages and frequency.

Our pharmacist, Dr. Warrington, will join the General Pediatrics/Diagnostic Specialist appointment. We will call 12-24 hours in advance to obtain your child's HR measurements, weight and height for clinic. Alternatively, you can also send us a MyCHOP message with the information prior to clinic morning.

After your child's clinic visit

The day after your child's clinic visit will be filled with a lot of information sharing. In addition to collaborating throughout the day, your providers will meet at the end of the clinic day to discuss and agree upon the best recommendations for your child.

Once these recommendations are finalized, we will create a Multidisciplinary Letter outlining the individualized treatment plan/recommendations for your child. You will receive this letter via MyCHOP by the end of next week.

One of our nurse practitioners – Katelyn M. Lucas, MSN, CPNP-PC, or Anna M. Simon, MSN, CPNP-PC, PMHS – will reach out to you via MyCHOP by Monday (the week after your child's appointment) to schedule a time to discuss the recommendations and answer all of your family's questions. Before the phone conference, we kindly request that you read/review the letter. Please write down any questions or concerns to discuss with the nurse practitioner.

Charles J. Emmertz, our program coordinator, will reach out to assist with scheduling any recommended follow-up appointments after your family's phone conference.

Contact us

We looking forward to meeting your child and family! Please call us with any questions or concerns at 267-426-0030.