What to Expect at the CAMP Clinic

Before your child's first visit to the Coronary Anomaly Management Program clinic, we'll ask you to send all of your child’s non-CHOP medical records that pertain to the coronary artery anomaly diagnosis, including CDs of any imaging studies, to our office at least four weeks prior to your child’s clinic visit. This gives our team enough time to review the records and images together before your visit.

This also allows us to schedule any further tests that we feel should be done before you arrive. Depending on the test, these can be scheduled for either the same day or the day before or after your clinic visit.

At the first clinic visit, your child may undergo additional testing, depending on what tests and imaging studies have already been completed.  We will discuss the coronary artery anomaly diagnosis and what it means for your child and your family and outline potential management options based on the most up-to-date information.

We will also discuss how frequently follow-up visits will occur and any additional testing that may be needed. Follow-up visits and testing may take place at CHOP, with your child’s primary cardiologist or sometimes a combination of the two. If your child qualifies for any research studies, we may also discuss the possibility of enrolling him/her in these studies.

Depending on the information we have at the time of your visit, we may ask you to return for a follow-up visit 4-8 weeks later. This will give us time to review any new information with our entire team and develop the best management strategy.